Quiana Series

Quiana Series

Imagine the gorgeous looks, tone, and feel of the best of the ’50s tube amps with the features and functions of the new century. Our award winning Quiana Series, hand-crafted with 6L6GC Output Tubes, offers 50 watts of sweet clean power. Fat and warm tones are easily obtained from almost any control setting. High strings on your guitar will sound silky smooth, like velvet. Featuring 2 distinctly different sounding channels, each with its own 3-band EQ. Such a versatile Preamp results in tones that range from the tweed of tweeds, to as brown or blackface as you like it.

Channel 1 has enough gain and sustain to let even the most vintage guitars sing with a lush swelling distortion.

Channel 2 is a gift from the rhythm and blues Gods. Features include footswitchable boosts on each channel, a 6 spring Hammond long pan reverb, and a special Focus and Presence control for speaker damping and EQ.

A Vintage/Modern switch on the rear panel allows the power to be cut in half and sweeten the power amp’s harmonics. A fully buffered effects loop with level controls is provided to allow optimal preamp to power amp signal processor patching.

Unlike most other vintage style amps, rear panel features make for easy access through a clever and convenient chassis design.