Blues Shaman

Blues Shaman

The Blues Shaman™ emulates the tonal and dynamic range of a small Class A tube amp, with buttery warmth and soft clipping in its overdrive. This pedal gives you more of a power output stage overdrive which is very fat and full bodied.

The Ascension foot switch delivers feisty gain boost, and its Tone control shapes highs while retaining beefy lows.

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Further tone shaping comes by flipping the Stack/ Combo switch, which emphasizes tones characteristic of compact, open-backed amps or large-volume closed-back speaker stacks.  You can also use the Stack mode to fatten up your Strat or combo mode to tighten up your Les Paul.

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The Blues Shaman can also be powered by a 9V battery.

“The Blues Shaman has a knack for conveying the nuances of the interaction between fingers, wood, and wire. It’s very organic sounding.””There is no doubt Rivera knows his amps. And the Blues Shaman feels like a pedal built by someone who understands an amplifier as a living, breathing beast.”-Premier Guitar June 2011

“There’s a mountain of competition out there today, but very few pedals can match the Shaman range’s unique combination of tone, features and uncompromising build quality.” “Guitarist Choice Award” –Guitarist Magazine June 2011

“Tonally, this pedal impresses with its dynamic response to pick attack,invoking the sensation of being pluggedstraight into a nice tube amp. It delivers a raunchy, unique overdrive sound that stands out in a market full of transparent drive pedals.”-Vintage Guitar Magazine May 2013

Product Manual

Product Manual Blues Shaman Demo Premier Guitar Tone Samples Blues Shaman played by Pete Thorn

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Blues Shaman Demo Premier Guitar Tone Samples Blues Shaman played by Pete Thorn

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 15 × 14 in

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