Knucklehead Tre & Tre Reverb

Knucklehead Tre & Tre Reverb

Meet the Knucklehead Tre, an ultra high-gain, 2 channel, 120watt all tube head.  Featuring a giant tight  bottom-end on channel 1 for those big American metal chunky riffs and an ultra clean channel 2 with huge headroom.  Ktre users include both Chino Moreno and Steph Carpentar of Deftones, Meegs Rascon of Coal Chamber, Jon Donais of Anthrax & Shadows Fall, Christian Brady of Hell Yeah and Jason Hook of Five Finger Death Punch and even Ziggy Marley and Al Anderson of the Wailers for clean Reggae tones.  Now Offering a 55watt version!

Rivera® Amplification unleashes the latest in our illustrious Knucklehead® series of amplifier tops, the Knucklehead® Tré and Knucklehead® Tre Reverb and new for Nov 2016 the Knucklehead® Tré 55 Watt Version!!!!

Featuring outrageous amounts of gain – more than any of our amps before it – without losing any of our legendary note definition. Along with sustain for years comes a massive bottom end, totally controllable with our new and Patent Pending Foundation control.

Our Knucklehead® Tré also features a new clean channel topology with tremendous headroom, for a stunning amount of rhythm dynamic range.

It’s our Knucklehead to the power of Tré!

It is complete with a new design: high gain, powerful, unlimited sustain, massive bottom end, gigantic headroom for rhythm, assignable effects Loop, amazing new Foundation™ control, distortion with definition and edge, highs without harshness but with full body, and low noise. It’s the one of the highest gain of any amp in the market.  Also, one of the best amps for metal.

Channel 1-High Gain channel with a foot switchable gain boost.

best medal amp

The Foundation control only works for channel 1.  The Ktre has a bump in gain on the low frequencies.  The Foundation allows you to control the volume of that bump in gain.  It works more the lower your tuned.

best metal amp

Channel 2-Big bold clean with huge headroom.  Pull the Middle notch to go from a tweed to blackface tone.  Pull the Treble bright if you want to tighten up you humbucker.

best amp for metal

The Knucklehead Tre Reverb version comes with a channel assignable/foot switchable 3 spring Accutronics reverb pan.

best guitar amp for metal tones

Above: Reverb option on Ktre-Reverb model

best amp for metal

Foot switchable and assignable Effects loop with Send and Return Level controls.  Effects level controls were another feature pioneered by Paul Rivera in the 70’s


High Gain, Powerful, unlimited sustain, massive bottom end, gigantic headroom for rhythm, Assignable Effects Loop, amazing new Foundation™ control,Distortion with definition and edge, highs without harshness but with full body. Low noise, highest gain of any amp in the market.

    • 120 Watts RMS of luscious (4) EL-34 Tube power
    • 55 Watt Version (2) EL-34 (available in only the non-Reverb Version)
    • 2 Independent Channels powered by 5 12AX7 Tubes
    • 3 band passive interactive tone controls on each channel
    • Most high gain lead channel we have ever offered, sustain for years, packed with thunderous bottom end-totally controllable with our new and patent pending Foundation™ control
    • Clean Channel with massive headroom and dynamic range
    • New totally adjustable serial effects loop with hard wire bypass and footswitchable
    • Rugged Rivera® construction, with military and audiophile grade components, oversize transformers, and most of all, built to last
    • 3 function footswitch included for the Ktre and a 4 function for the Reverb version


Product Manual

Product Manual

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Dimensions 10 × 24.75 × 11 in

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