The Rivera TBR-5 is a 320watt, 160watt per side (using GE 6550’s) all tube rack mount Power Amplifier. These are NOS/“New Old Stock” items at $1499.00 direct only. Includes 1 year warranty.

Front Panel Features

Front controls include input level switches, volume, focus and presence. Also, included are multiple power settings switches.

Input Level Select (TBR-3, TBR-5)

The Hammer 120 and Hammer 320 power amplifiers allow you to match the amplifier input level to the output level of your equipment. In the High setting, the amplifier will handle signals up to +15dB. In the Normal setting, the amplifier is set for signals at 0dB. In the Low setting, the amplifier will accept signals as low as -10dB.

Example 1. You wish to run directly from your effects string Into the amplifier. Typically, effects-level devices (especially the Roland Boss Chorus) have only weak output signals. The Input Level Select setting would thus be Low.

Example 2. You wish to feed the amplifier from a preamp, mixing console, keyboard, or some other device that boosts the signal above instrument level. The Input Level Setting would thus be either Normal or High, depending on the output level of the device. Normally, you would set the Input Level Select to eliminate any distortion caused by a too-hot input signal.

FOCUS Control

Each power amp channel is equipped with a FOCUS control. The FOCUS control allows adjustment of speaker cone damping. Damping is the ability of the amplifier to control speaker movement. The greater the control (high damping), the closer the movement of the speaker will follow the output waveform from the power amp. The less damping there is, the less control the amplifier has over speaker movement, resulting in speaker movement not directly caused by the output waveform of the power amplifier. Low FOCUS settings (1 through 4) tighten up the sound, while higher FOCUS settings (S through 10) loosen the sound.

The FOCUS control can be used to change the timbre from cold and dry (settings 1 through 4) to warmer with more sparkle (settings S through 10). The FOCUS control also allows you to compensate for room acoustics, or to get “your sound” even when playing through borrowed speakers. For example, closed-back cabinets often have a tighter sound than open-back cabinets. When using one, the FOCUS control lets you more closely approximate the sound of the other.

Presence Control

On the TBR-3 and TBR-5, the PRESENCE control adjusts the high harmonic gain balance of the preamp section. It allows for shiny highs without an increase in distortion.

H/S/L switches

These switches allow you to select between full power (160watts) in the H (high), to Standby (S), down to 45watts in the low (L). There’s a H/S/L switch for each power amp channel. When in triode mode, you can switch between 70watts down to 20watts.

Rear Panel Features

There’s a Pentode/Triode switch, Impedance selector, Direct Out and two Speaker Outs for each power amp channel. Each Direct Out has it’s own level control.

Steve Lukather, Chet Atkins, Ted Nugent, Bruce Kulick, Paul Jackson Jr, Tim May, Michael and Rudolph Schenker and Steve Miller are just a few examples of players whom have used or use the TBR’s.


  • Power: 320 Watts (160w per side using GE6550’s)
  • Components: Mega-sized USA made transformers, Teflon silver plated wiring, Metal jacks, all military grade components. Rugged steel construction. Forced air cooling
  • Tubes: 8 EL-34’s, 6L6’s or GE6550’s and 4 12ax7 pre-amp tubes
  • Dimensions: 4 space rack, 15 inches deep
  • Weight: 67 Pounds


Additional information

Weight 67 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 22 in

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