Pubster 25 Top

Pubster 25 Top

The Rivera Pubster 25watt Top belts out a rich, all-tube tone that’s anything but compact. Powered by a pair of sweet and spongy 6V6’s, the Pubster also offers a single channel with foot switchable boost with it’s own master control.

The Pubster head also features a genuine Accutronics® 3-spring reverb, an effects loop, line output and housed in the “Split Grill Venus style” cabinet. Ruggedly constructed using an oversized transformer, a welded steel chassis, nickel-plated steel corners, and military-grade components, the Pubster easily withstands the rigors of road and studio.

Different from the Pubster 25 1×10 combo, the Pubster was voiced to be clean without the boost channel. Think Paul Rivera designed Super Champ era but on steriods.

  • Kick on the boost channel and get all the classic to hard rock tones you’ve heard in your head.
  • Separate Boost Level Adjust allows you to dial in just the right amount of gain.
  • Separate Master control for the Boost acts like a second channel.  3 spring reverb pan installed for warm rich spaciousness.
  • 2 12ax7’s and a pair of 6V6’s powered this Burbank, CA USA made tone machine.


Product Manual

Product Manual

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Sweetwater Minute Pubster 25 Top

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Dimensions 19 × 10.5 × 11 in

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