Stage IV

Stage IV

One amp that defined the LA and Nashville Studio Sound of the 1970’s and into the ‘80s was a modified by Paul Rivera Fender Deluxe Reverb. Now, Rivera has built this amp to celebrate the legendary tones recorded by illustrious artists for our 35th Anniversary. Introducing the Rivera Stage IV.

Stage IV was the ultimate modification level for Fender and Marshall amplifiers; it gave top players advanced features like channel switching, active effects loops with level controls, and other key innovations that were previously unavailable in tube amps. 

Eventually, Fender came knocking.  After it hired Paul, many of the ideals embodied in his modified amps became the foundation for the Rivera era of Fender amps in the 1980s.  Amps like the Super Champ are considered by many to be the most collectible and appreciated of modern Fender amplifiers. 

Factory production of Rivera amps began shortly after Paul’s departure from Fender.  Rivera Amplification now proudly celebrates its 35th year in business by releasing the Rivera Stage IV. 


Channel 1 is a straight forward rhythm channel with 2 band equalization and a bright switch, voiced like the vintage blackface amps from 1965.

Both channels are voiced differently, and Channel 1 is our legendary clean sound, with a lot of headroom and clarity. There is enough gain to overdrive the power-amp section by just turning up the volume control. Note: Like the controls on all classic amps, the Treble, Middle, and Bass interact, creating smooth, musical tone changes. All three controls operate with even response throughout their ranges.

Channel 2 is extremely flexible, with a flavor that brings to mind the great classic American tones and textures. You can get some pretty impressive blues overdrive distortion out of Channel 1, and as a rhythm channel it brings out every subtlety of your playing. The range of tones can be anywhere from sparkling-clean to perfect for bluesy rhythm–the kind of sound that has an attitude and gets meaner as you pick harder.

Volume The Volume knob regulates the Preamp’s volume and works with the Master to set the level and distortion amount. A simple rule of thumb is, the higher the Volume is set, the more distortion you get.

Featuring the rich and lush foot-switchable Accutronics® 3 spring reverb to add depth and swell to your tone and active effects loop. The heavy duty and oversized output transformer features low temperature running and super tight bottom-end.  There’s two speaker jacks and an impedance selector for easy and correct matching of external enclosures.

Stage IV uses an optical circuit for authentic vintage Tremolo.  There are two controls on the rear panel. Intensity varies the depth, and Speed varies the rate of Tremolo. Pulling out the Speed control knob will turn it on. Using the Stage IV Footswitch, you can turn on and turn off the Tremolo-once the Speed knob is pulled out. 

Like all Rivera® amplifiers, they are built with military and audiophile grade components, and lovingly handcrafted in Burbank, California.


    • Channel 1 controls: Volume (pull switch for channel selection), Treble (pull switch for boost), middle (pull notch), Bass.
    • Channel 2 controls: Volume, treble (pull switch for bright), FAT, Middle (Pull for notch), bass.
    • Common front-panel inputs and controls: 1/4 high gain and low gain input, reverb control, presence control, power on/off switch
    • Rear-panel inputs and outputs: 1/4″ effects loop send and return, 1/4″ line out,  (2) 1/4″ external speaker outputs, Tremolo Speed and Depth.
    • Preamp tubes: Five 12AX7A
    • Output tubes and power: 20watts with 6V6’s.
    • Speaker: 12” Eminence EM12
    • Footswitch functions: Channel switching, reverb on/off, Tremolo on off (footswitch is included).


    Download Manual here


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