Quiana 55 1×12

Quiana 55 1×12

The Rivera Quiana (Kee-Ya-Nuh) features 55watts of 6L6 power, 2 independent & foot-switchable channels with boosts.  Four different style of cleans can be had on Channel 2 and American or British rock and Blues on Channel 1.

Rivera introduces the Quiana™. With lead tones based on the famous “R”Series amps, and rhythm and blues tones that Rivera is legendary for, here is the gorgeous looks and tone in a compact package that is easy to transport. Extra deep cabinetry gives you the warm bottom end and the well balanced dynamics of the standard Celestion Vintage 30. Couple this with the Chimey tone of the 6L6s, results in a harmonious blend of just plain outrageously great sound. The newest in our line of handcrafted all tube amplifiers.

55 Watts of vibrant power with (2) 6L6 Output Tubes standard, and a fat and bad-ass tone when pushed. Five 12AX7 Tube Preamp with 2 distinctly different sounding channels with their own independent and discrete 3 band EQ. Tones ranging from the tweed of tweeds, to as brown or blackface as you like it. Footswitchable boosts on each channel, 6 Spring “Hammond Long Pan” reverb, and a special Focus and Presence control for speaker damping and final high frequency EQ round out the tone. On the Focus control, is a push-pull switch “Pull Warm” feature. This activates a circuit that works to enrich the even harmonics of the output stage. A Vintage/Modern switch on the rear panel allows the power to be cut in half and sweeten the even harmonics as well. This will help in achieving a classic AC-30 tone. A serial effects loop with level controls in provided to patch you into most any external effects device. A 3 Function (FS-7) Footswitch is included.

The Cabinet is built of hardwood plywood, and finished in either a black Tolex with matching Di-Tone black and silver grille cloth with a black Tolex band on the top of the grille, or blonde Tolex with vintage blonde grille cloth and matching blonde Tolex band on the grille top. A comfortable padded leatherette strap handle, rugged chrome corners, and heavy duty rubber feet make easy daily transport.  Available in Black with Gold Grill Cloth.


      • Cabinet Material: American Maple Solid Core Plywood
      • Cabinet covering: Beige and Palomino Cream Tolex®
      • Grille Cloth Color: Tri-tone Blonde and Oxblood
      • Cabinet Hardware: Chrome plated metal corners, Vintage style Leatherette padded handle and 2 side handles
      • Dimensions: 23.75″ x 18.5″ x 12″
      • Weight: 65 Pounds


Product Manual

Product Manual

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Quiana played by Bruce Conte of Tower on Power

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Dimensions 24 × 10 × 18.75 in

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