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Venus Deux “The pedal lover”

Venus Deux “The pedal lover”

If you love getting all your different overdrive tones from your pedal, this amp is for you!!  Designed to have maximum headroom giving your pedal the clean tube power amp foundation it needs for the fattest tones!  The Venus Deux is a Super simple, non-master volume 25watt 1×12 that uses a “custom designed for RIVERA” 12′ speaker that’s voiced between a Celestion Vintage 30 and a Celestion T75.   This gives you the perfect balance between the warmth of a V30 and clarity of the T75.  Also, included is our super lush analog 3 spring accoutronics reverb.


venus duex tone controls

The Focus Control allows you to tighten or loosen the speaker.  If your Tele is getting a little thin, “Pull for FAT” does the trick!  Wanna add a little spank?  Just “Pull BRIGHT” that Treble switch and you’re there!  The “Pull NOTCH” gives a choice of “tweed” or “blackface” type of tones.  The spring Reverb is Foot switchable too!

Full Video Demo and explanation!